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5 reasons why you should implement Marketing and Sales Automation this year

23 December, 2021

5 reasons why you should implement Marketing and Sales Automation this year


So, it’s 2022 and you’ve still not implemented any form of Marketing or Sales Automation into your Marketing and Sales pipeline. Or maybe you’ve messed around with it a bit but haven’t seen the value in it just yet. The thing is, Marketing and Sales Automation, when implemented within a good traditional marketing plan, can propel your business into another league when compared to the competition.

Here’s a few reasons why we think you should genuinely consider implementing Marketing and Sales automation into your business’ marketing strategy this year…

1. Save valuable time

By automating a lot of the processes of which you’d traditionally carry out manually, you can immediately save time on repetitive and mind-numbing work. This is only the beginning though, as you don’t even need to manually send marketing emails to potential customers. You can programme drip campaigns with a mixture of branded marketing emails and personalised messages for your customers, appearing as if they’re being sent directly from you. This saves you time and allows you to build a relationship with your clients, even when you’re working on something else!

2. Save money

It’s true, some CRM platforms can cost your business a decent amount of money in upfront costs. The more in-depth look is that it actually saves you money in other areas of your business. We’ve already spoken about how Marketing and Sales automation can help with smaller tasks, now imagine hiring an admin assistant to carry out all those smaller tasks for you without any form of automation. The costs would be through the roof in comparison! Automation makes the whole process easier and finer tuned so that you don’t have to spend more money on hiring more people to do all the work manually.

The built-in marketing tools in CRM automation systems will save you money on other tools that you might already be paying for. Doing email marketing with some third-party software? It’s got it. Scheduling social media posts through a third-party software? It’s got that too. Using more third-party software for analytics? Well, you get the point!

3. Improve communication between team members

If you currently have separate marketing and sales teams or are planning on hiring individuals for this purpose, a CRM Automation platform will be a massive benefit for both you and your team. In here, you can store basic customer information like their name, email address and phone number, and more detailed notes such as tasks you’ve to carry out for clients, manual nurtures you have to send out, meetings to follow up on and even more! Now when you get new team members on, all they need to find out more about customers is to look at the CRM and they should be able to find out everything they need to know.

4. Track and score leads more effectively than ever

Ever had that problem of getting so many leads through that you forget which ones are warm and which ones have just recently gone cold? We understand the feeling but can’t say we relate unfortunately. Or rather fortunately as our use of CRM automation allows us to keep track of and score leads based on their actions. Visited the website 5 times in the last week? We’ll add a couple points on. Filled out a form? We’ll add a few more. Booked a meeting? That’s a hot lead! Having an immediate indication of how likely a lead is to continue to interact and purchase from you saves you further time and allows for you to plan a better marketing strategy for them.

5. Increased profits

We’ve already mentioned how Marketing and Sales automation can save you money but what about the plus? That’s where this gets even more exciting! Because of everything else we’ve spoken about you end up increasing your profits through a simple implementation of automation into your Marketing and Sales pipeline. Now that you’ve saved time, you can spend more time on your customers, business development tasks and planning more marketing campaigns for the future. The extra money you save can be put towards paid ads or hiring someone else for an area of the business that might need more people on board. With better communication across your team, they work together more effectively and get more work done in a shorter timeframe allowing your business to scale and grow at the pace you want to go at. By scoring leads, you leave cold, dead leads in the dust and go straight for where the money is, increasing your profits directly and allowing you to spend time with the leads that will benefit your business the most.

If you’re looking to implement Marketing and Sales automation into your Marketing and Sales pipeline this year but don’t know where to start, why not get our free comparison guide below? Each platform has its own specialities, and you might find that one of them would work just great for you. Get our free comparison guide below 👇

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