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5 Steps to Elevate your Social Media Results

1 June, 2022

5 Steps to Elevate your Social Media Results


Most businesses want better results from their social media efforts. Many small businesses do not have the budgets to outsource and may believe they have the wherewithal to go it alone.

Regardless of who is doing your social media, or whether you outsource it, there are common pitfalls to consider. If you are serious about improving your online social media presence and results, it’s important to have a strategy in terms of defining what you are looking to achieve, how will you achieve this, who are you targeting and why, how will you stand out compared to your competition, what tools will you use to make it more efficient and effective, what social media channels (platforms) will work best for your business model and what type of content should you post to these platforms and how will you measure what’s happening and fine tune for success.

Our 5 steps framework is a reference point you can consider using to help you mature your social media strategy, management, and execution. You can also read our blog on getting better results from social media.

Please check out our resource hub as you will find some of our favourite and recommended tools for Social Media Management and much more. Many of the tools we recommend are used directly within our own business, and we have formal business partnerships or/and affiliate models in place directly with some of these tool providers and only recommend the best tools that we feel will make a difference to the SME community of businesses that we serve.

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