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7 LinkedIn Marketing trends that actually work!

13 April, 2022

7 LinkedIn Marketing trends that actually work!


LinkedIn is more than just a great platform for being sociable with co-workers from current and previous jobs, it’s the world’s biggest platform for business networking. Businesses not already on LinkedIn are missing out on some great opportunities for work and collaboration with other businesses. If you’re already on LinkedIn, you’ll know just how saturated the platform is with different business-oriented people and how hard marketing can be. It doesn’t help that the algorithm is constantly changing to better serve its audience and the amount of misinformation out there in regards to marketing trends on LinkedIn is rampant. However, in 2022, some trends you may or may not have heard about before actually do work! More specifically, here are 7 LinkedIn marketing trends that actually, genuinely work!

1. Share your business’ content with your connections

Share your business' content with your connections

Let’s start off with the absolute basics, sharing your business’ content on your own personal LinkedIn account. It’s really a no-brainer, especially if you’ve already built up a sizeable amount of connections on your own personal account. Sharing this content with your business connections will also usually get a higher rate of engagement and it allows your business to reach more people.

Of course, you can always share a post your business made with your connections, this is still a great way to generate more interest from your personal connections. An even better way to make good use of your personal connections is to post that content directly to your own account. This is guaranteed to get better engagement and reach as opposed to simply sharing the content that has already been posted elsewhere.

2. Create a LinkedIn business page

Create a LinkedIn business page

If you haven’t already created a LinkedIn business page for your business, you’re missing out on some big opportunities! Having thousands of connections on LinkedIn without a business page to direct them to is like showing up to a job you’ve been hired for without any of the tools you need. Setting up a business page takes next to no time to do and acts as a great place to direct new connections when they ask about your business. You can also include a link to it on your website, email footers and digital business cards for business prospects to find.

3. Keep up to date with LinkedIn’s marketing blog

Keep up to date with LinkedIn's marketing blog

If you’re new to LinkedIn or just don’t spend a lot of time on it, you might not know that LinkedIn has their own marketing blog which shares useful information on how to market on LinkedIn. Of course, like every other social media platform, LinkedIn’s main goal is to keep you on the platform for as long as possible so they can show you more ads and make more money. It’s a for-profit business after all! What keeps users on LinkedIn is getting results from their marketing and networking activities. This is why LinkedIn are more than happy to share exactly how you should be going about it on their platform.

There’s no point hiding how they work when the goal is to keep you happy on the platform for as long as possible!

I highly recommend spending at least 15 mins a week on the LinkedIn marketing blog to stay up to date with things. If you’re really serious about LinkedIn lead gen, I’d recommend reading at least one article a day or spending 15 mins every day on the blog. The only way to get better at marketing on LinkedIn is the same way you get better at everything you do – time and practice!

4. Post your business content to LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are perfect for networking with specific types of contacts on the platform. Whether it’s other entrepreneurs, local tradespeople or creative professionals, these groups are made for networking and supporting each other’s businesses. There are over 2 million groups on LinkedIn, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find at least a few that suit your business’ content!

Sharing business achievements in these groups once you are well known within them can get lots of engagement and gather more attention for your business. Sharing other types of content within these groups can also get you lots of attention, however, engagement goes both ways. If you’re expecting engagement from other users, you should be engaging with their posts too. These groups are all about networking, not just marketing so this is vital to a good LinkedIn group strategy.

5. Consider LinkedIn Inmail for better response rates

Consider LinkedIn Inmail for better response rates

LinkedIn’s paid Inmail service gets an almost 3 times better response rate as opposed to regular organic messaging.

If you’re serious about lead gen on LinkedIn and are willing to put money down every month on this strategy, it’s well worth it. Especially as the limit to how many people you can connect with is not limited.

As another bonus, LinkedIn will also include analytics to help you keep track of KPIs and ad spending. LinkedIn’s paid features in general are great for supporting business networking and marketing, definitely something for you to consider!

6. Use LinkedIn retargeting ads for higher conversion rates

Retargeting ads are extremely powerful tools for increasing the conversion rate of your website visitors from prospects into leads and into customers. Notably, they are 70% more likely to convert leads into customers and drive 10 times more website traffic than regular ads. LinkedIn retargeting ads are no different and are great for driving more business contacts back to your website after visiting it once before.

While the effectiveness of retargeting ads is often called into question with the introduction of Apple devices’ ability to block tracking, they still remain extremely effective in converting leads regardless. Not all users that visit your website will be on an Apple device of course, even then, some Apple users will not choose to block tracking despite having the ability to do so.

7. Demonstrate your value

Demonstrate your value

If you take anything away from this article make it this; you must demonstrate the value of your business on LinkedIn to see success. If you’re not showing how valuable your business could be to your connections, why would they want to pay for any of your products or services? Hitting pain points and offering solutions for issues that your connections have is a sure-fire way to demonstrate your value and increase the interest brought to your business. If you fail to demonstrate the value of your business, none of these options will help you out.

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