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How likely is it you would recommend [Company Name] to a friend or colleague?

20 July, 2021

How likely is it you would recommend [Company Name] to a friend or colleague?


Companies that build on a foundation of customer loyalty have a far greater chance of making it through wider financial headwinds.

How loyal are your customers? How certain are you that your customers will still be there tomorrow? If the answer is “Um…”, then it’s essential to take action and start measuring it. But also measure correctly. You could discover, it could be that your customers are “just satisfied” with their purchase. But will they buy again tomorrow?

The distinction between loyalty and satisfaction is essentially that satisfaction is something that has already happened. Loyalty is all about expected future behaviour. “Have you considered recommending us? Have you considered purchasing from us again?”

What one thing does your business do well that make your customers recommend you?

As a small, we believe that it’s vital to continually learn from feedback. With this in mind we recently decided to conduct a customer survey and to our surprise (yes we are modest!) we achieved a Net Promoter Score of 100%. The quantitative and qualitative aspects of this type of feedback will support us to continue to improve further.

How can you get better than 100%?

We plan not to take our customers for granted and work hard every day to build and deserve their loyalty, at the end of the day they can fire us as quick as they hired us!

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