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How to Build A Business Growth Machine (Webinar)

14 December, 2022

How to Build A Business Growth Machine (Webinar)


A full-funnel and end-to-end customer journey strategy is entirely possible. Success depends on having the right strategies, expertise and tools to Build A Business Growth Machine!

The impulse to compromise long-term plans for more immediate gains is shortsighted. Recent research by Nielsen found that brands that added upper-funnel marketing efforts to existing mid-funnel campaigns were able to boost return on investment by 70%. And brands that added upper-funnel tactics to campaigns that covered the middle and lower funnels were able to raise ROI by 13%.



This is the entire reason behind creating thebusinesshgrowthmachine and educating our audience and future clients.

1. Typical Business Challenges

A good place to start is to consider the types of challenges you might be facing is by inspecting three core areas – Lead Generation, Sales Conversion and Growth Beyond the initial Sale (We call it Customer Value Maximiser). As the saying goes you can’t fix what’s not broken.


Pro Tip: Most businesses are not good at all three core areas, so you will find weaknesses and opportunities for growth if you look into the detail.

Business challenges can occur throughout your entire funnel / customer journey processes. That’s why we recommend using a 5-step methodology for growth model and end-to-end customer lifecycle marketing.

Ineffective Marketing Strategy

Your business isn’t taking advantage of building an audience online. Too much reliance on word-of-mouth, networking. Not leveraging Social Media, Ads, email marketing and other tactics. Client Target Audience isn’t clear. Your marketing messages around product and services are not hitting the spot.


Volume and Quality of Sales Leads

Your business is stuck in Feast-or-Famine mode. Blaming external factors. Don’t know where the next customer is coming from. Constantly trying new marketing strategies. Relying on expensive marketing agencies that don’t deliver. Attracting wrong type of clients – penny pinching, and tiny budgets! No crowd-puller Lead Magnets. Poor website and/or Landing pages… yes we heard it all before.

Timing is Everything in Sales

Missing a multi-touchpoint follow up strategy. Sales process isn’t optimised. Right offer at right time. Purchasing friction exists. Re-enforcement of offer and close sale. Quality of sales emails and communications. Not making phone calls!

Other Customer Lifecycle Challenges

If you plan on registering for our webinar, we touch on these additional challenges and provide methods/frameworks/strategies to help you build a business growth machine.


  • Revenue Rollercoaster
  • Removing Buyers Remorse
  • Adding Value Beyond The Sale
  • Repeat and Referral Business
  • Customers For Life Mindset
  • How The Digital Landscape Has Impacted Customer Journeys

2. You Need A Strategy

Business Growth Machine

Without a clear strategy, some of your tactics may be poorly directed and may not be propelling the business in the direction needed.

What is the difference between your marketing strategy and tactics? Why does it matter?

A strategy dictates the marketing activity needed to achieve your business goals, whereas tactics answer how exactly that will happen.

This is not the only difference between the two however, and understanding this will give you a clearer vision of exactly how you can get the most from your full funnel and end-to-end customer journey marketing and sales efforts.

Every business has limited resources of budget, people, and time at their disposal. So, an essential part of the strategy is deploying these resources to drive the biggest impact.

If you’re looking to get fast results from your strategy then our Business Growth Framework and 5-Step-Growth Methodology can help.

Our business growth framework covers the necessary steps to create a winning strategy, while also helping you discover the right tactics for your business. You will hear more about this on our Free Webinar.

3. Map Out Your Business Growth Customer Journeys



Customer journeys vary by business model, industry and unique elements to your process in where you can be competitive and add value. Our five step growth model focuses on Attract, Engage, Sell, Delight and Expand and hits all elements of your funnel and the customers journey. We always suggest to step back and plot your current journeys, look for improvement opportunities and map out future growth journeys with your customers.

Here’s a little generic example and do register for one of our free webinars to learn more about this and see other industry examples.


4. Build Your Business Growth Machine


As previously mentioned every day business marketing, sales and customer challenges merit the need for you to consider how to maximise full-funnel and customer journey strategies within your business. Being clear on your strategy and customer journey touchpoints is only the start, as you have to build the growth machine to help you execute and realise results.

The complexity in our offline and online world makes this a vital foundation for your business and future growth. The right tools and expertise will allow you to build and manage and connect with all the relevant tech, systems and processes to push your marketing, sales and customer experience to another level.

Business Growth Machine

Think about it for a second, most businesses are focused on lead generation, to a lesser extent sales conversion (sad I know!) and beyond that non-existent when it comes to maximising customer value and more potential after the initial sale.

Our expertise enables our clients to build and manage their business growth machine – from systems to marketing execution and end to end support. We are sharing this unique expertise at our Free Webinar, so don’t miss it. Register here.



5. Register for our Building A Growth Machine (Free Webinar)

Visit our specific webinar registration page via image below or for ease just enter your details on the registration form. Leave the rest to us and look forward to seeing you at our webinar.

Free Webinar


Final Reflection


If you have read this far, thanks for reading and hopefully we have provided some new thoughts or reinforced other ideas you were thinking about. We could have covered so much more here, as we are only scratching the surface of strategies and tactics to build your business growth machine and create end-to-end funnels and customer journeys.

Of course, none of the above are of value if you don’t have the right strategies, tools or know-how to leverage your overall customer lifecycle marketing.

Pro Tip: Remember to focus on all three growth areas – lead generation, sales conversion and customer value maximiser stages of your marketing and sales. By joining all three systems, processes and supporting activities is the secret to realising sustainable and scalable business growth.

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