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Jack reflects on 1 Year at Autus

8 February, 2022

Jack reflects on 1 Year at Autus


This month, I (Jack) celebrate my 1st year working at Autus! A lot changes in a year but this past year has taught me so much that I wouldn’t otherwise have learned if I hadn’t gotten the job at Autus. Tom’s insight into the world of Digital marketing and marketing automation has been amazing and his support has been invaluable to me. Because of this, I wanted to share some of my key takeaways from the past year!

1. A customer centric approach is essential for success

While this point wasn’t lost on me when I first started at Autus (having extensively worked in customer service roles previously), the extent to which this approach helped to extent customer lifecycles and deliver value, left me dumbfounded. Customer retention strategies are important for any business, especially those that run retainer services for their clients. This customer focus that we have at Autus, has helped us maintain good relationships with customers and helps us deliver the best value possible.

2. Streamlining processes is paramount for teamwork

Of course, being the first full-time employee of Autus comes with some different processes to work out for better long-term working. As Tom was running a lot of services by himself, there were improvements to be made to help scale the processes involved to better suit a growing team. Gladly, I took on this role and, with input and help from Tom, managed to get processes streamlined to the point that they will comfortably work for a larger team.

With new team members already coming on board this year, and many more to come soon, this was well worth the effort and will allow us to continue expanding our team whilst maintaining the quality of work and value that we bring to customers daily.

3. Marketing Automation is much more powerful than you think

Coming to this role, Marketing Automation wasn’t a brand new term for me. However, the fine details and bigger picture of the concept was nowhere near as clear to me as it is now. I remember the first time I was shown Sharpspring and just being amazed that you could automate entire email sequences based off a prospect’s actions on your website! Of course I have a far better knowledge than that now, and you can see that on my previous blog on how to automate email nurture sequences 👀

Of course this is only scratching the surface of what you can do with Sharpspring and other marketing automation platforms. The reality is that you can run a massive variety of marketing activities from marketing automation platforms. With just a name, email address and phone number, you can run email newsletters, drip sequences, website visitor notifications, retargeting ads, SMS marketing and so much more and all from a single platform 🤯 . Looking back at my first time being shown Sharpspring, it’s difficult to imagine just how I would’ve reacted if I had known all of this at that time!

Automating your marketing activities through a marketing automation platform such as sharpspring, can help you scale your business faster and increase your revenue massively. Of course, to be able to do this means having a detailed knowledge and understanding of marketing, the various processes that can be automated, how to do it all effectively. Autus are experts in all things Marketing and Sales automation. If you’re looking for training, setting up your first CRM platform, or a CRM platform audit, book a free call below to find out more 👇

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