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  • Why Marketing Automation?

    Better Quality Leads

  • Why Marketing Automation?

    Higher Conversion Rates

  • Why Marketing Automation?

    Build Loyal, Happy and Repeat Purchase Customers

Why choose Autus?

Using our robust end-to-end customer lifecycle approach, buyer segmentation and behaviours, marketing automation solution (yours or ours), we deliver business growth through the creation of world class marketing, sales and service customer journeys and funnels.

  • Attract

    This is the very first step in our customer lifecycle approach and is all about creating awareness with your ideal target audience and offering up something about how you have the wherewithal or solution to their specific need or problem. The goal of this stage is to is to create visibility in the right channels and capture interest and/or new contact information.

    Suitable tactics such as; Paid Search/Social, Blogs, Webinars, email, organic content and appropriate lead magnets will help attract quality leads.

  • Engage

    You can now begin categorising, and short and long-term nurturing prospective clients towards a sale. During this stage it's about educating and value-creation, as it's vital to build on the customer relationship and enhance the 'Know, Like, Trust' factors. This will help qualify leads further and bring into play purchasing and behavioural segmentation attributes.

    The goal during this stage is to understand where your prospective customer is at in their buying journey (Top, Middle or Bottom of Funnel) - maybe they realise they have a problem, or they might be researching possible solutions or they might be ready to select the most appropriate solution for their specific needs.

  • Sell

    This stage is where the magic happens... We ensure our clients close more deals by creating sales strategies, optimised sales processes and efficient and effective sales automation.

    The goal during this stage is for the prospect to get the right offer at the right time, remove purchasing friction points, re-enforcing offer value and close the sale.

    Timing is everything with converting a qualified sales lead to an actual sale. Various tactics, such as; multi touchpoints, behavioural tracking follow up, lead scoring and ecommerce abandoned shopping carts can be deployed.

  • Delight

    During this stage you want to ensure there is no buyers remorse and you must re-enforce the purchase, maybe build in a professional Welcome, Onboarding and Follow Ups.

    As a minimum you need to deliver efficiently and effectively against the expectations set out in the sale and make sure the customer experience is second to none, otherwise you can kiss goodbye to repeat sales, testimonials and referrals.

    It's vital to put the right steps in place to leverage customer lifetime value and ensure you are driving improvements on the customer experience..

  • Expand

    Your customers are happy, in fact they are now raving fans. It's time to look at future plans to up-sell, cross-sell, down-sell, product/service renewals, recurring events, introduce new products/services, ask for referrals and build loyalty.

    As well as expanding the opportunities you have it's all about retention and continuing to add-value. Start asking for testimonials and this will have a snowball effect in creating social proof for your business.

    Customer surveys are great ways to obtain insight that can help you expand and retain your relationship and opportunities.

How Can Marketing Automation Help Your Business?

Marketing automation gives your business the tools to automate, streamline and measure workflows and optimize your marketing, sales and service tasks. This allows you to increase your ROI and your operational efficiency. Four in five companies using marketing automation increased their leads and approximately 77% increased conversions.

Marketing automation feeds prospects personalised, useful content based on behavioural triggers that can nurture them through the purchase funnel. Only 4% of marketers believe they're using it to full capacity & we can show you how.

  • Increase Audience Engagement and Traffic
  • Serve Up Relative Personalised Content
  • Increase Sales Conversion Rates
  • Better Customer Retention
  • Realise Higher Customer Lifetime Value
  • Safe Time and Money
  • Automate Repetitive and Recurring Tasks
  • Setup Autoresponder emails
  • Onboarding New Customers
  • Nurturing Prospects
  • Behavioural Targeting
  • Integration with other systems
  • Automate & Segment Customer Journeys
  • Abandoned Shopping Carts
  • Up-sell, Cross-sell and Down-Sell
  • Marketing, Sales and Service Optimisation

Curious about what Marketing Automation can do for your business?

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Marketing on Autopilot

Marketing automation is the best friend of inbound marketing. By using behavioural data & triggers, segmentation, personalized email, lead generation, creative content, and retargeting, we will put your marketing and customer communications on autopilot!

Packages and Services

Our Autus Automator packages bring together strategies & tactics that drive measurable business growth. Our goal is to allow our clients to focus on running their businesses while we focus on growing it with best practice automations across the entire customer lifecycle.

Autus Automator Packages start from £1,495 ex vat per month

We work with small to medium sized businesses who are ready to invest in their strategy and marketing for the long-term. If you are looking to invest in specific or all areas of your customer lifecycle, then we can help you. We have no quick-fix solutions, and recommend you commit to 6-8 months investment as a minimum.

MARKETING AUTOMATOR (Attract and Engage)

  • Strategy, Segmentation, Systems
  • Content Plan
  • Lead Magnets
  • Follow Up Campaigns
  • Welcome Campaigns
  • Dynamic Content
  • Demand Generation


  • Sales Process Optimisation
  • Lead Scoring
  • Sales Alerts
  • Sales Meetings
  • Pipeline Management
  • Behavioural Automations
  • Dynamic Content
  • Content Conversion Strategies

SERVICE AUTOMATOR (Delight and Expand)

  • Welcome/On-boarding/ Follow up Campaigns
  • Customer Journeys
  • Lifetime Value Realisation
  • Up/Cross/Down Sells
  • Inspiring Newsletters
  • Progressive Profiling
  • Product/Service Renewals
  • Customer Loyalty Builder

Lifecycle Automator

If unsure of where to start and what improvements can be made for your business with automation, get guidance from our online marketing automation assessment for free. We will also offer a free 30-minute discovery session to discuss your results and suggest a customised automation plan that your business will benefit from.

Our Lifecycle Automator service can be tailored to suit specific/overall business challenges and budgets.

Marketing Automation Coach

We will coach/support/train you to build your skills in-house and drive ROI from your marketing automation investment. 2 x 1 hour video calls per month.

Our month-to-month coaching service has no long-term contractual commitment and costs £295 ex vat per month.

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We have recommended solutions to suit various budgets. We specialise in Active Campaign, Constant Contact, Hubspot, Mailchimp and SharpSpring). You can visit our Growth Platforms pages on our site here. We are also happy to chat and provide some input to what might be the best fit. Lets chat

This is normal, check out some of resources or better still - let's jump on a call, we will give you some free advice to help you move forward. We don't expect you to sign up, no commitments, just genuine expertise looking to advise you and kick-start your next steps. Book Free Consultation

We are happy to work on a project and hourly basis or specific area that you require focused help on. We can also provide a Marketing Automation Coach if that would be a more realistic way forward and they will support/train/coach you through your on-going challenge. Let's have a quick call to see if we can help you. Lets chat

It can be one of many processes that will support you with generating quality sales leads, higher sales conversion rates and building happy and loyal customers who want to keep coming back for more!

Yes, we think everyone needs customer journeys and automations as they can help with marketing, sales and customer service aspects to your business…we are biased 😊 We are happy to talk further and help you decide how to move forward. Book Free Consultation

Great question! Autus Lifecycle Automator and Autus Sales Enablement & Optimiser Packages take around 3 – 6 months before your business is starting to see the return on this investment. The first few months is really about building the foundation for future customer journeys…although we are happy to continue to work with you over longer periods as customer journeys can take many years to perfect and marketing/sales/customer service automations can always be enhanced/extended and there’s always more business improvements and growth to be had. Lets chat

We have a process for that! We start with a discovery session with you where we understand your business and goals and opportunities/priorities for automation. We then want to understand if you have the right tools and what pieces you have already in place and determine the best way forward, build out content should you need this, build customer journeys and help you execute & manage the automations. Sounds a lot, yes, it is…but we will prioritise with you and get some quick wins under our belt to speed up ROI.

We are also able to be flexible on providing strategy, coaching, support, training and anywhere form a Done With Your Service to a Done For You Service, including and excluding different components such as creating your content. Book Free Consultation