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Provide valuable touch points with your audience, build relationships and boost conversion rates with personalised and direct email campaigns


Drive conversions and build relationships with your audience

  • Build a better relationship with your audience and create a reputable perception of your business through consistent branding and communications
  • Boost sales opportunities by building awareness for your business and feeding your top of funnel strategy
  • Target prospects and customers directly and effectively with segmented lists and personalised content
  • Nurture Hot leads and drive your conversion rates with automated drip campaigns and dynamic email content

What we do

Monthly Email Newsletters

Keep your audience up to date and drive monthly sales goals through monthly newsletter campaigns. Push for seasonal sales points throughout the year as our expert team consult with you on your goals for the month and create a newsletter designed for maximum customer engagement and sales opportunities.

Weekly Email Campaigns

Push for more targeted sales opportunities and build better customer relationships through the use of weekly email campaigns. Our experts will target specific audience segments with emails designed to convert them into returning customers. This weekly interaction will keep your business at the top of your audience’s minds and build a professional and reputable perception for your business.

Nurture Sequences

Target specific leads with well thought out nurture sequences for the most effective way of converting leads into customers. Our team will create a sequence of emails designed to trigger when a customer interacts with a certain part of your website. During this sequence, they’ll be targeted with marketing emails chosen specifically for their interests and driving your conversion rate through the roof compared to anything you’ve tried previously!

Email Verification

Avoid lowering your email reputation by sending marketing emails to bad email addresses, let us cleanse your data of email addresses that will hard bounce and decrease your email reputation score over time.

Contact Segmentation

Improve your email marketing strategy and target specific customer segments in your database that you weren’t targeting before. We’ll create segmented lists to your requirements and support your email marketing strategy.

Autus Easy Hello and Goodbye Processes

Get Started

Sign up fast in a few minutes and then we will onboard you fast with our onboarding process forms. Next a quick call to align and then we start being your eMail Marketing Manager.


We Don’t Think You Will Leave

But should you decide to…then we have no long term contracts! Our service is month-to month and if you decide to cancel your service subscription then you can do so at any stage with a simple calendar month notice.

Why Autus Should Be Your eMail Marketing Manager

Specifically, most small businesses have 3 main challenges when it comes to digital marketing:


The options used to be either ‘DIY’ or pay an agency ridiculously high monthly fees with long contracts.


With so much on their plate, it’s hard to find time for social media, email marketing or know what the latest trends are and how to leverage or afford the world of marketing automation.


It’s not easy to know what to post or even how to go about creating effective content, or how to build and execute effective email marketing or content creation that generates a return.

Love Your Customers and They Will Love You Back

Paul Skovron - Director, 3In Consulting Ltd

Tom’s MailChimp masterclass was an excellent introduction to understanding and using the concepts of automated marketing and creating simple ways of engaging with customers using email services. He made us feel comfortable with the tools by using real examples and allowing attendees to develop promotional mail shots. This is an invaluable masterclass. Thanks Tom and Autus Consulting! Paul Skovron, Director, 3In Consulting Ltd

Duncan Tannahill - Managing Director, The Tannahill Partnership

When I first met Tom I knew that he was a man worth listening to. The Tannahill Partnership Ltd soon engaged Tom to set up our new CRM platform and e-mail marketing and communication service. Autus Consulting carried out this work quickly and very effectively. The handover was a pleasurable session with Tom who made the process easy to understand which is critical with any new technology driven solutions. I have no hesitation in recommending Tom to other businesses who want to improve their marketing and adopt a modern web based CRM platform…great service and a pleasure to deal with.

Stephen J McKillop - Director, Gillies Technical Services

Having experienced Autus Consulting’s services at a previous business, our founders had no hesitation in choosing them as our key business partner of choice in the CRM, Digital Marketing and Automation space, as quite simply they deliver efficient, effective and economic solutions which will continue to provide significant benefits to our business short and long term.

Darren McGhee - Managing Director, DMG and MyRoofCare

We personally use autus consulting Ltd and I'm very impressed with the volume of new work their CRM, Digital Marketing and Automation Services has generated for both my businesses. We highly recommend this company.

Dale Atkinson - Director, Atkinson Building Services

ABS contacted Autus to help with our online presence, digital marketing, and CRM. From our initial conversations, we knew we had found a company that had the knowledge, experience and professionalism to deliver. We would highly recommend the team at Autus Consulting as they have went above and beyond to create a solid foundation for our future growth.

Allan Slicer - Director, Muir Slicer

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tom and the team at Autus Consulting Ltd to any business looking to get the best from digital marketing, CRM implementation, automation of your marketing processes or even just raising your profile and educating people on your products.

Davd Wilson - Managing Director, Ayrshire Agencies

Autus Consulting have consistently provided my company with excellent service when managing our social media presence, creating high quality content. I would highly recommend.

Stephen McGuigan - Director, A&S Home Design

Though you might think nothing is happening in the short term given time you will see a marked up-take in business enquires and sales. Autus have been a massive help with my business.

Emma Alkirwi - Managing Director, The CV Guru

The team at autus are so approachable and deliver when they say they will. They have implemented CRM, email marketing and automation for our business. Our time efficiency and productivity has improved remarkably, and new leads are opening up for our business. I couldn’t highly recommend autus enough.

Autus Email Service Plans

Drive your entire customer lifecycle touchpoints with Autus email marketing campaigns, newsletters and nurturing sequence campaigns. Month to month subscriptions. No contracts. No hidden fees. Add-ons and Custom Plans available. Cancel any time.

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Weekly Campaign



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Nurture Sequence Building

from £995


Email Marketing has moved on in recent years and it’s vital to personalise rather than bulk blast of boring old Company news that you feel is of value. It’s time to work with Autus to modernise and upgrade your email strategy to inspire and provide content/information that your consumers want to read and take action on.

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