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B2B Outsourced Lead Generation

Rev Up Your Business Growth and Marketing Efforts with High-Quality, “Done-For-You” Lead Generation

Sales Are The Lifeblood Of Any Business

Generating leads that convert is crucial to any business. We focus on generating leads that convert into customers. We will work closely with your business to understand your products/services, market, ideal type of client, and execute an optimal mix of multi-channel and multi-service marketing campaigns to generate quality sales-ready leads most likely to convert.

How Our Lead Generation Works


We will profile and target your ideal customers, using your data and/or sourcing the best B2B data for our targeted email campaigns. We also use remarketing strategies to retarget ads to ‘brand aware’ prospects to generate higher interest and quality of leads. It doesn’t stop there, we can also dial-up further, by leveraging other marketing strategies and telemarketing.


Ultimately, it’s all about ensuring we realise the next best sales action for your business, whether that be booking sales appointments, obtaining sign ups, registrations for your events/webinars and then we handover to you to convert into new business revenue…depending on your requirements and business model, we also include real human being ‘sales qualification handlers’ to make calls on your behalf to qualify further and push the sales conversation forward to a ‘warm, hot sales lead’ or ‘converted sale’ status.


We’ll even follow up, monitor, and keep in touch with your prospects without you needing to do anything. Once they say they’re interested, we pass them on to you!

Why Autus

The answer is literally in our name – Autus! The Latin meaning of our name is ‘growth’ and this is what we are all about. The big benefit from using Autus, is you also get access to a blend of top notch digital marketing, sales and business development expertise that allows us to provide you with a ‘hands-off’ lead generation service focused on growing your business.

Outsourcing your lead generation activities to Autus will allow you to focus on converting leads into customers and revenue for your business.

We don’t like to bang our own drum, but this will save you time, money, effort, and we reckon we are more effective at this than most.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Lead Generation

There are many benefits to consider and be realised:

  • No need to hire and train highly paid marketing team members
  • Access to the latest lead generation tools, tactics and expertise
  • Our Blackbox lead gen service means you just get on with what you do best
  • Save time, money and get a better return
Drive More Leads

More than just more. Drive relevant leads that convert.

Convert Leads to Sales

Close deals by sending exactly the right message at exactly the right time using powerful, behavioural based communication

Sales Optimisation

Double down on what works and axe what doesn’t. We can fill all stages of your sales funnel with relevant leads that will convert!

Keep Moving and Improving Process

Profile Ideal Customer

Find Matching Data

Campaign Management

Send You Leads

Our method of delivery ensures we continue to learn, improve and optimise so that you get the best value and return on your investment.

Depending on your setup, we can send you email notifications of leads daily, provide you a free or paid for CRM tool, or possibly integrate with your existing CRM and have leads passed automatically…we can even have your leads populate automatically in a Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet.So, you have no excuse not to follow up and get those leads converted.

Pick and Mix Lead Generation Service

eMail Marketing

PPC / Paid Ads



SMS Marketing

Building Funnels

Marketing Automation

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Get a 30-minute free consultation to discuss your current lead generation challenge and strategies to help. We can advise on various multi-channel multi-service strategies and tactics to deliver results. From start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs and beyond, we can help provide B2B leads for your business.

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Are you ready Rev Up your Lead Gen

Stephen J McKillop - Director, Gillies Technical Services

Having experienced Autus Consulting’s services at a previous business, our founders had no hesitation in choosing them as our key business partner of choice in the CRM, Digital Marketing and Automation space, as quite simply they deliver efficient, effective and economic solutions which will continue to provide significant benefits to our business short and long term.

Darren McGhee - Managing Director, DMG and MyRoofCare

We personally use autus consulting Ltd and I'm very impressed with the volume of new work their CRM, Digital Marketing and Automation Services has generated for both my businesses. We highly recommend this company.

Dale Atkinson - Director, Atkinson Building Services

ABS contacted Autus to help with our online presence, digital marketing, and CRM. From our initial conversations, we knew we had found a company that had the knowledge, experience and professionalism to deliver. We would highly recommend the team at Autus Consulting as they have went above and beyond to create a solid foundation for our future growth.

Allan Slicer - Director, Muir Slicer

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tom and the team at Autus Consulting Ltd to any business looking to get the best from digital marketing, CRM implementation, automation of your marketing processes or even just raising your profile and educating people on your products.

Davd Wilson - Managing Director, Ayrshire Agencies

Autus Consulting have consistently provided my company with excellent service when managing our social media presence, creating high quality content. I would highly recommend.

Are you ready Rev Up your Lead Gen

Our blend of strategy, marketing, sales and customer service automation and digital marketing know-how will bring a huge doze of Autus Growth for your business!