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What do Paid Ads do for your business

Paid Ads are also known as pay per click (PPC) in the marketing world. You’ve probably already heard of, or used these in one form or another! This form of marketing, when done right, can give you a great return on your investment through increasing awareness, getting more leads, nurturing warm ones, and increasing your conversion rate.

What Paid Ads platforms
do we support

Facebook Ads

Some of the most effective ads on the market for B2C business. Great for generating new leads, raising awareness for your business, targeting prospects, and ultimately growing your business’ revenue. Facebook ads are time consuming and can be a career in its own right. To save you the hassle of doing this yourself, we carry out all the processes of setting up and running these ads for you.

Instagram Ads

Content marketing is king on Instagram. Boosting your content with Instagram ads can help you reach more people than organic posting alone. We take on the manual processes of running Instagram ads for you to deliver outstanding results for your account’s reach.

LinkedIn Ads

The number 1 platform for B2B marketing and networking, LinkedIn is also arguably the best Ad platform for B2B’s. Allowing you to reach and connect with audience’s you’d like to do business with, quickly and at high volumes. LinkedIn Ads offers brands the opportunity to gain high-quality leads. The main benefit of LinkedIn Ads is that it gives business owners and marketers the ability to reach a specific goal.

Google Search Ads

Getting your website found first when your ideal customer makes a google search is essential for business growth and profit. Especially if you’re running eCommerce! Running Google Ads through us will allow you to be seen first in your ideal customer’s search, allowing you a better chance to convert them into your own, returning customer.

Google Shopping Ads

Selling online? There’s a sure-fire way of making sure your products are seen first – Google Shopping Ads. We’ll make sure your products are front and centre in all your ideal customers’ searches for products similar to yours, and increase your revenue through eCommerce.

Remarketing Ads

Think about this for a minute or so, you're already investing in bringing visitors to your website - but statistically, we know that a huge percentage (98%) of those people won't become leads.

Why not make that existing investment (whether that be email marketing, social media, paid ads, SEO etc) worthwhile, it's essential to retarget these website visitors across the web, google display network, facebook, instagram and twitter... and reinforce your brand while they're actively making a purchasing decision.

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Why Autus Should Be Running Your Paid Ads Campaigns

Our focus is on your profitable growth and ROI. You’ll be working with a team of digital marketing experts who can add much more value beyond creating and managing your online ads.

Stunning Content Creation

We will create stunning copy and imagery to support the success of your Paid Ad campaigns.

Overall Campaign Management

No need to work out the intricacies of paid ad campaigns, let our experts do it for you! We will determine audience targeting, bid management, optimization, A/B testing, campaign measurement and more.

Flexible Monthly Service

We don’t have long-term contracts. We don’t over-promise results that we can’t deliver. We assess past results and set realistic goals & expectations.

Love Your Customers and They Will Love You Back

Stephen J McKillop - Director, Gillies Technical Services

Having experienced Autus Consulting’s services at a previous business, our founders had no hesitation in choosing them as our key business partner of choice in the CRM, Digital Marketing and Automation space, as quite simply they deliver efficient, effective and economic solutions which will continue to provide significant benefits to our business short and long term.

Darren McGhee - Managing Director, DMG and MyRoofCare

We personally use autus consulting Ltd and I'm very impressed with the volume of new work their CRM, Digital Marketing and Automation Services has generated for both my businesses. We highly recommend this company.

Davd Wilson - Managing Director, Ayrshire Agencies

Autus Consulting have consistently provided my company with excellent service when managing our social media presence, creating high quality content. I would highly recommend.

Stephen McGuigan - Director, A&S Home Design

Though you might think nothing is happening in the short term given time you will see a marked up-take in business enquires and sales. Autus have been a massive help with my business.

Paid Ads Management Services

Generate sales leads and grow your business with Paid Ads from Autus. Month to month subscriptions. No contracts. No hidden fees. Cancel any time.

Facebook Ads


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Instagram Ads


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LinkedIn Ads


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Google Ads


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*Prices do not include ad spend budget and will vary based on volume of campaigns and specific strategies.

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