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How it works - The Basics


What is Retargeting

Let’s say a potential customer visits your website and views a product or even adds it to a shopping cart but then abandons it. A retargeting campaign reminds visitors about your brand with ads promoting your products or services served to them wherever they go online.

Remarketing vs. Retargeting

Remarketing is a broader approach that employs email as its main tool. It requires spending time optimizing your email campaigns using several strategies, such as drafting effective emails, using creative subjects and conducting A/B testing.

How effective is retargeting ?

What makes retargeting so effective is that most consumers won’t typically purchase unless they encounter a brand at least seven times. And unlike traditional display ads, retargeted ads only appear to those who have already engaged with your brand.

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    Greater engagement

    Retargeted ads can increase engagement with your brand by as much as 400%. Imagine going from 100 website visitors a month to 500!

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    Increased click-through rates (CTR)

    The average CTR for traditional display ads is 0.07%, while retargeted ads garner a fantastic 0.7% CTR.

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    Improved visibility

    Some 60% of online shoppers say they notice ads for products they’ve researched on other websites.

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    Reclaimed customers

    Retargeting consumers who have abandoned a cart at your site can increase conversions by up to 26%.

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    Better Return on Investment

    Web retargeting is far more affordable and cost-effective. For every dollar spent on retargeting, companies generate $8 in revenue.

Why Retargeting?

Retargeted visitors are 10x more likely to click and 70%
more likely to convert.

  • Bring back lost customers

    We serve lost customers your ads in the best placements at the lowest prices.

  • Profitably get more sales

    We help you capture all the low hanging fruit and bring lost customers back for a sale. Our advertisers generate $8 -10 in sales for every $1 spent.

  • Uncover new marketing channels

    We will see where your ads perform best, and where your visitors hang out online. We provide transparency on where your ad is served and where they are converting.

  • Reach beyond Google

    Our technology used is a world-class real-time bidding platform that serves your ads across Google, OpenX, Rubicon, and every other top network. We ensure that your retargeting campaigns are on the best and most transparent networks.

Curious about the outlook on Retargeting?

Research-based strategies, tactics and trends for retargeting.

Autus Retargeting ‘Done For You’ Ads Service

Our focus is on your profitable growth and ROI. You’ll be working with a team of digital marketing experts who can add much more value beyond creating and managing your retargeting ads.

  • Creation of Ad content

    We will create stunning copy and imagery To support the success of your retargeting ad Campaigns

  • Run your campaigns for you

    No need to work out the intricacies of Retargeting campaigns, let our experts do it for you! We will determine audience targeting, bid management, optimization, A/B testing, campaign measurement and more

  • Flexible Month to Month Service

    Want to stay in the loop? We’ll send you regular reports on your latest campaigns and suggest ways of improving results further!

£995 per month
  • Strategy Dialogue
  • Ad system set up
  • Access to our Ads platform
  • Ad content creation
  • Ad management
  • Detailed reporting and regular video updates
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*Prices do not include ad spend budget and will vary based on volume of campaigns and specific strategies

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