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About Muir Slicer

Our Story

Muir Slicer Limited was founded in 2013 to enhance an already successful Modern Apprenticeship training provider business, and provide clients with the bespoke consultancy, coaching and development solutions. At Muir Slicer they work with businesses to help them communicate better; with colleagues and clients. They measure how motivated employees are and show you how to maintain and improve motivation for individuals and teams. So, businesses can concentrate on doing what they do best, but do it better.

Business Challenge

What we did

Overall Impact

Social Media Management

Before Muir Slicer came to Autus, posts on their social media accounts were far and few between with inconsistency not helping either. To combat this, we implemented a social media posting schedule and created high-quality content to go out across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on a weekly basis. The result was an increase in followers and a rise in engagement.

Email Marketing

To help raise more awareness, drive engagement, and push for more conversions among Muir Slicer’s contacts, we ran a monthly email marketing campaign. By pushing the products and services that they offer, we were able to dramatically increase website traffic, engagement with and by customers, and conversion rates amongst new leads.

Sharpspring Revenue Growth Platform Implementation and Training

When Muir Slicer came back to Autus for the second time, they required a platform which they would be able to run all their marketing efforts and scale their business with automation. We were able to provide the perfect platform and on-going support for this at an easily manageable cost – SharpSpring. We were able to implement Sharpspring effectively with tracking and new forms being added to their website, contacts imported and segmented from their previously used Hubspot CRM system, identify opportunities for automating parts of the marketing and sales activities, optimise sales process with online appointment bookings/follow ups, and provision of an on-going training plan for their employees. The result of this has been increase in productivity and effectiveness due to having access to one platform that has all the data and features they need to run effective marketing and sales activities. This platform has also enabled them to futureproof for any adaptation in their business model, future growth and processes that they want to implement.

Integration with Learn Dash and WooCommerce

After implementing SharpSpring into Muir Slicer’s marketing and sales processes, we started on integrating Learn Dash and WooCommerce. Part of the business goals for our client was to have eCommerce integrated into their site so they could build their passive income over time. Integrating WooCommerce and Learn Dash would allow them to track the success and progress of their sales of various products, services and their online training programmes, and ultimately allow for full customer lifecycle activities pre/post sale.

“Business on the beach” automated business model

To support in Muir Slicer’s business goals, we helped to implement a “Business on the beach” type business model. This model would allow for them to make a passive income with little effort needed to sustain it and support their future growth goals. We did this by building upon the core SharpSpring implementation, eLearning and Woocommerce integrations and introduced prospect nurturing and customer journeys (automations) that could take advantage of data, customer digital behavioural insight, and clear segmentation.

Marketing Strategy

As part of our on-going focus and support for the growth ambitions at Muir Slicer, Autus has selectively been involved in various advisory activities to help establish definition around target markets/personas, lead generation focus and pragmatic short and longer term marketing plans for growth.

Happy Customer Feedback

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I would have no hesitation in recommending Tom and the team at Autus Consulting Ltd to any business looking to get the best from digital marketing, CRM implementation, automation of your marketing processes or even just raising your profile and educating people on your products.

Allan Slicer

Director, Muir Slicer

What Our Clients Say

Stephen McGuigan - Director, A&S Home Design

Best thing we ever did was joining Tom and Autus Consulting. Fantastic company to look after all your marketing.

Allan Slicer - Director, Muir Slicer

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tom and the team at Autus Consulting Ltd to any business looking to get the best from digital marketing, CRM implementation, automation of your marketing processes or even just raising your profile and educating people on your products.

Davd Wilson - Managing Director, Ayrshire Agencies

Autus Consulting have consistently provided my company with excellent service when managing our social media presence, creating high quality content. I would highly recommend.

Stephen McGuigan - Director, A&S Home Design

Though you might think nothing is happening in the short term given time you will see a marked up-take in business enquires and sales. Autus have been a massive help with my business.

Emma Alkirwi - Managing Director, The CV Guru

The team at autus are so approachable and deliver when they say they will. They have implemented CRM, email marketing and automation for our business. Our time efficiency and productivity has improved remarkably, and new leads are opening up for our business. I couldn’t highly recommend autus enough.

Angela McKillop - Director, We Love Your Projects

We have benefited from amazing customer retention, growth and profit. The SharpSpring platform is great to have everything in one place. I have never met a company with such passion, experience and knowledge – they go above and beyond and meet expectations every time.

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