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How we built a £multi-million revenue machine with SharpSpring

About We Love Your Projects

Our Story

The We Love Your Projects Family are a group of experienced trade specialist companies and the go to brand for all home improvements. Formed at the start of 2020, each project is managed under one group to ensure everything runs smoothly, giving customers peace of mind and a stress-free experience. These groups include We Love Your Boiler, Electrics, Bathroom, Kitchen, Extension, Gas Fire, and Electric Vehicles. Each member of their team, including engineers and technicians, are highly trained and fully qualified to guarantee their customers get the best people for the job.

Business Challenge

What we did

Overall Impact

Sharpspring All-in-one Revenue Growth Platform

We Love Your Projects needed a single, consolidated, and capable platform to run all their marketing and sales processes off of. We recommended Sharpspring’s All-in-one Revenue Growth Platform, that would cover the CRM, marketing automation and sales optimisation needs of a growing business and cost them far less than the closest equivalent platform. The capabilities of this platform made building workflows for marketing, sales, and other processes much more possible than before implementing it.

Marketing Automation

We built a range of different automations to help automate the marketing processes for We Love Your Projects Group. These started out as simple as email notifications for returning website visitors, form fills, and the other ways that customers can interact with the site, but got as complex as building out a series of annual reminders for servicing. The series of automations we created reduced the amount of manual effort needed to continue marketing and drive sales. They also helped to futureproof the business processes in preparation for scaling very quickly.

Sales Optimisation

As We Love Your Projects Group were looking to scale their business very quickly, taking on new staff and driving for higher sales every quarter, we needed to optimise the sales process so that it would be easier and more effective for the team to carry out. This included building divisional sales processes and workflows within Sharpspring that reminded the team to follow up with leads over a phone call and created the necessary management visibility. This improved sales significantly and helped build solid Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) into a rapidly growing business. We also automated the sales opportunity creation activity whereby all relevant enquiries would automatically add a sales opportunity and sales tasks to the system for follow up.

Data Segmentation

To support some upcoming marketing activities, we made sure to segment customer data in preparation for these new activities. This included building in a section to forms that allow customers to segment themselves with what they are interested in. After building new lists for segmenting, we also built a workflow to sort each form fill into the appropriate list. Because of this, any new contacts will be sorted into segmented lists without the need for any extra manual processes, allowing marketing processes to scale with the business. To complement this, we segmented the customer base with those on care plan contracts and/or due annual servicing of their boilers and built automated annual reminder system to support this segmentation.

Email Nurture Sequences

To help increase conversion rates and remain at the top of customers’ minds, we created email nurture sequences that would trigger automatically when a prospect carried out a certain action on the We Love Your Projects website. These nurture sequences were also made with dynamic content, allowing for less clutter within the CRM system and an easier way of working.

SMS Marketing

As part of the continuous effort to drive for sales and stay at the top of customers’ minds, we integrated SMS marketing into the We Love Your Projects Group marketing machine. This system was built to act in a similar way to the service reminder system that we had built, except the customer is sent a text message to their phone 30 days days before their service is due. This system alone has helped increase the conversion rate of boilers services alone, significantly. Also initially we built SMS autoresponders for all website and Facebook lead ad enquiries, so on top of emails the prospect received SMS message, which really drove sales conversion to another level.

Marketing Attribution Management

A key part of scaling a growing company’s marketing and sales systems is figuring out what is working. To aid in identifying this, we helped to build an attribution management system that would route out where major successes were coming from most and help identify campaigns/activities that should be stopped or further invested in, so that optimal Return on Investment could be realised.

Paid Ads

A huge part of We Love Your Projects’ marketing success was down to the use of pay per click ads and integrating this into their sales and marketing platform and processes, so that customer automatic email responders and SMS follow ups were generated and the team could also follow-up immediately. Concentrated mainly on Facebook, where we used cold audience, warm audience, lead, and retargeting ads to increase awareness and stay at the top of the minds of leads. Each type of ad targeted a customer at different stages in the marketing funnel and drove them towards conversions. These ads were run for each section of the business and managed daily to get the best results possible. At this time, we are now researching how to evolve with a broader Retargeting Ads strategy beyond Facebook and also introducing Google Search/Shopping Ads, as the Group are driving towards having an omnichannel marketing model.

Online Chatbot

To boost the customer experience on the website, provide a bit of self-service, we built a complex and comprehensive online chatbot using SharpSpring to power it. This chatbot is capable of guiding a customer to any part of the website that they would like to look at, showing them current promotions, taking service bookings, providing free quotes, and much more. This provides, not only a great customer experience, but another brilliant way of capturing customer data for further marketing activities.

Happy Customer Feedback

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One of our main reasons for going with autus is they are great at what they do. We have benefited from amazing customer retention, growth and profit. The SharpSpring platform is great to have everything in one place. I have never met a company with such passion, experience and knowledge – they go above and beyond and meet expectations every time. We fully trust and recommend autus!

Angela McKillop

Director, We Love Your Projects

What Our Clients Say

Stephen McGuigan - Director, A&S Home Design

Best thing we ever did was joining Tom and Autus Consulting. Fantastic company to look after all your marketing.

Allan Slicer - Director, Muir Slicer

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tom and the team at Autus Consulting Ltd to any business looking to get the best from digital marketing, CRM implementation, automation of your marketing processes or even just raising your profile and educating people on your products.

Davd Wilson - Managing Director, Ayrshire Agencies

Autus Consulting have consistently provided my company with excellent service when managing our social media presence, creating high quality content. I would highly recommend.

Stephen McGuigan - Director, A&S Home Design

Though you might think nothing is happening in the short term given time you will see a marked up-take in business enquires and sales. Autus have been a massive help with my business.

Emma Alkirwi - Managing Director, The CV Guru

The team at autus are so approachable and deliver when they say they will. They have implemented CRM, email marketing and automation for our business. Our time efficiency and productivity has improved remarkably, and new leads are opening up for our business. I couldn’t highly recommend autus enough.

Angela McKillop - Director, We Love Your Projects

We have benefited from amazing customer retention, growth and profit. The SharpSpring platform is great to have everything in one place. I have never met a company with such passion, experience and knowledge – they go above and beyond and meet expectations every time.

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