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Why you should be upgrading your imagery

18 November, 2021

Why you should be upgrading your imagery


Over the last ten years technology has come a long way. It’s now easier than ever to get good photos for not very much money. Phone cameras are getting better and better with even the most entry level phones coming with multiple cameras and the top end phones hitting megapixel counts that are huge, even for professional cameras!

What do we mean by “Good quality” photos?

Usually when you mention this term to someone, they think that it immediately means high resolution, lots of pixels with fine details that you can’t get any other way. While this is true and very necessary for modern photography, there’s a little more to it than that! Good quality also refers to the light that you use to light your subjects. While indoor lighting usually looks fine to the eye, cameras don’t see things exactly the way your eyes do. In this case, using natural light at the right time of day or artificial lighting designed for photography is much better.

These are just a couple of different aspects to high quality photography but I’m not here to bore you to death with technical details!

The Problem with decent or bad photography

While this is all great, easy access to decent photography has raised the bar quite significantly in terms of what is expected from “Professional” images. While your average customer won’t be able to determine the technical reason as to why your photos look bad, they’ll be able to make a decision on whether they like them or not. For businesses wanting to present themselves as big and professional, this is a massive issue. Bad quality photos give the impression of your business being cheap, low-quality or, at the very least, not as big as originally thought.

A study conducted by Field Agent in 2018 found that 83% of customers find that photos can be “Very” and “extremely” influential when making a purchase decision. This number cannot be ignored. If photos are so influential on your customers then why aren’t you taking advantage of high quality ones?

Return on Investment in good photography

A photoshoot with high resolution, fully edited photos delivered at the end of it can cost you anything from £50 an hour to thousands for a bespoke photography package. Of course this all depends on the photographer you go with and the requirements you have but it is still an investment. For smaller businesses with a smaller budget, photography could be seen as very expensive and to some extent they’d be right. Photography is a very expensive hobby, never mind a full-time job so photographer will charge more because of that.

As we discussed,83% of people find that photos influence them when making a purchase decision. While the initial cost of upgrading the photos on your website may seem like a lot, you’ll quickly find that they’ll easily be worth the cost. If your products and services aren’t changing often, one photoshoot could last you well over a year if not longer. These are photos that will be perfect for months of Social media posts, updating your website and for print purposes. The truth is, while you pay for photography, you’re actually getting way more to make a return on!

In conclusion…

While photography can be seen as expensive and unnecessary by some, the truth is that it’s a necessity in marketing and sale of your products and services. Humans are visual creatures so they make a judgement on your business merely by looking at it. If your images aren’t up to par, it could cost you a few sales and your business’ reputation. If your products and services don’t tend to change, a single photoshoot might be all you need to market yourself effectively. On the other hand, if you’re bring out new products and services often, great quality photos will boost your marketing efforts and help you sell more. It also makes your business appear bigger, more professional and that you actually care about your business!

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